Exhibition | Until I Am My Self Again (Soul-o-logue)

Until I Am My Self Again (Soul-o-logue)
Featured Artist: Karman Tse, Creator of The Cœur

For our next showcase, we invited Karman Tse, writer and creator of The Cœur — a platform advocating self-love and mental well-being — to curate a collection of her words for our walls.

From 2 November 2021 to 21 January 2022, “Until I Am Myself Again (Soul-o-logue)” — which consists of her writings in print and limited pieces written by hand using rose-quartz-charged charcoal on canvas — will be on display at our flagship store at Joo Chiat.

“This is a selection of poem-like jottings from my journal. Pages of handwritten entries that attempt to capture moments, feelings, thoughts, observations, sounds, smells, the essence of encounters, conversations between heart, head and soul before they flap their wings and flit away, as they do; remembering before I forget, as I will.”, says Karman in her show note.

“This year has been one of introspective solitude. A year of being by with my self  intentionally, molting old selves and stories, deep-diving into abandoned corners of the heart, facing fears with honesty and compassion, healing, discovering new versions of me in the unfamiliar and discomfortable. The world is a noisy place. In the quiet of my pages, I am heard. I am free to be.”

“Until I Am Myself Again (Soul-o-logue)” is an invitation for you to step into your own heart space, pause, and listen.
 2 November 2021—21 January 2022

10.30am—6.30 pm (Tuesday to Saturday)
11am—5pm (Sunday)

Badt and Co. Flagship Store
290A Joo Chiat Road

Stay tuned to our Instagram for updates and details on a “Read & Greet” with the artist later this month, and a few more things/events that are good for the soul.

We look forward to welcoming you to share with us this exhibition by our beloved Karman.


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