PYAR is Love through the lens of Lily and Lime

We had a dream.

A dream in which we created a space to reunite artists and designers. A space where they could freely let their creativity flow. A place where their paths could meet, and ideas blossom.

That space became a reality a few months ago. Under the leitmotiv “savoir-faire, design, art”, we have seen that dream taking shape, being filled by talented minds’ creations and with many of you visiting and feeling at home in our place.

Today we are extremely happy to share with you the birth of a collaboration between two of our beloved creative friends: the conscious jewellery collection by PYAR is Love through the lens of Lily and Lime by Samantha Chesler.

A conversation filled with the delicate attention to shapes, designs, light… That natural light that Samantha captures magically to present the meaningful pieces created by Nazneen. A dialogue where beauty is at heart.

We recommend reading the blog post at PYAR is Love website by clicking here, where you will get to know about the inspiration and work of Lily and Lime, and enjoy the PYAR is Love jewellery portrayed by Samantha.

Find PYAR is Love conscious jewellery and Lily and Lime photography series at Badt and Co. Flagship Store - 290a Joo Chiat Road -

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