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My Favourite Designers in Singapore 💙

Since Badt and Co. was launched in Singapore 5 years ago, we have had the chance to navigate in the Singapore design scene, discovering talented creative minds and getting to know the wonderful souls that are behind such unique designs.

Join us into a series of conversations with our favourite designers in Singapore, where we will share with you why we love them… and why they love us.

Every week we will be putting the spotlight on one of these beautiful creative designers.

This week we are proud to present you Binary Style. Meet our friend Santhi, a sunbeam and a splash of colour that brightens your day with conversational prints that she dreams up with her twin sister. Join us for a ride through Binary Style's colourful tropical universe where architecture meets nature.

- Why Badt and Co. loves Binary Style? -

We all love storytelling and Binary Style does this well. Stories about streets and markets, about songs and sounds, about flavours and aromas. Colours of nature, man-made shapes, threaded harmoniously bringing us to places rooted in our minds and hearts, taking us down the memory lane or to our present and time hereafter. Whether it is about Singapore or a place far away, Binary Style’s designs always evoke a sense of place and give you a feeling of familiarity.

- Why Binary Style loves Badt and Co.? -

Badt and Co. is about honouring tradition and elevating it to a new level. It is about not losing sight to your past whilst embracing modernity. We love that Badt and Co. footwear feel quintessentially Spanish but they don’t look out of place wherever you wear them. We wear ours to work, to parties during holidays. They have never failed to make us happy and stylish.

Thank you Binary Style, we truly appreciate your art.

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