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My Favourite Designers in Singapore 💙

Since Badt and Co. was launched in Singapore 5 years ago, we have had the chance to navigate in the Singapore design scene, discovering talented creative minds and getting to know the wonderful souls that are behind such unique designs.

Join us into a series of conversations with our favourite designers in Singapore, where we will share with you why we love them… and why they love us.

Every week we will be putting the spotlight on one of these beautiful creative designers. This week we are proud to present you 
Ying the Label

Meet our friend Ying, the multi-faceted artist with whom we had the pleasure to reunite Spanish artisanship and Singapore art in our hand-painted espadrilles wedges collection.

Why Badt and Co. loves Ying the Label:

It was back in 2017 when we first saw Ying’s wearable art: long dresses and skirts with decisive strokes shaping delicate flowers. We had since then followed her versatile talent, through her prolific creativity and numerous projects. But it was only in 2020 that we approached her with what seemed a daring idea that only she could take forward: to use one of our most iconic classic espadrilles wedges as her new canvas, the beginning of a new avenue for this versatile artist that has brought her art well beyond the walls. Thank you, Ying, for bringing your talent to us, we are looking forward to discovering your new creative projects!

Why Ying the Label loves Badt and Co. :

“This is a perfect marriage! When we first sat down to speak, I was immensely excited on how shoes can be a new canvas for me. When Samira asked if I would say yes to this, my reaction was: YES, I do!” - Ying, Founder of Ying The Label. 

Badt and Co. shoes, known for its hand-made espadrilles from Spain, have provided comfort with a modern and creative twist. Wearing any pieces from this brand, you can almost feel light on your soles! Being able to do this collaboration is really an honour - where 2 creatives who put so much emphasis on hand-made items coming together to create and innovate. The heritage and intricate knowledge in shoe-making combined with art is truly the best partnership. We absolutely love the materials and softness of the espadrilles - and these are PERFECT for the climate in our little red dot! We hope you love this unique collaboration as much as we do and to us, these interactions and collaborations are golden moments ♥️.

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