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My Favourite Designers in Singapore 💙

Since Badt and Co. was launched in Singapore 5 years ago, we have had the chance to navigate in the Singapore design scene, discovering talented creative minds and getting to know the wonderful souls that are behind such unique designs. Join us into a series of encounters with our favourite designers in Singapore, where we will share with you why we love them… and why they love us.

Every week we will be putting the spotlight on one of these beautiful creative designers. This week we are proud to introduce you Lily & Lou.

Meet our friend Yan, the mastermind behind Lily & Lou, an apparel brand that not only uses sustainable materials and caters for all body sizes and shapes, but also aims at changing the way we buy our clothes.

- Why Badt and Co. loves Lily & Lou? -

Because sometimes you wished the sleeves were a bit shorter, the dress a bit longer, or had a different neckline altogether, welcome to a place where this is possible. Yan and her team have taken sustainability to the next level, by empowering us to get exactly what we want, producing garments on demand. There is even more… by introducing advanced technology I don’t even manage to understand, you can visualise your customed piece right before check out, and even try it on virtually real soon. Welcome Future. In style.

- What do you like the most about Badt and Co.? -

I love how Badt and Co. balances style and comfort. You shouldn't have to kill your feet for beautiful shoes, just make the right choices! I'm a sucker for sneakers, but when the occasion calls for something else, I find myself reaching towards my pair of trusty espadrilles (wedges). As a woman who owns more than a hundred pairs of shoes, I’d like to think my opinion has some weight 😌
Shoes from Badt and Co. are definitely rank high on my list!

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