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Tapas Collection 💙

Natural as gold, Gomo Gold is our latest Tapas.

We say that wearing Gomo wedges is like levelling your mood up in one single step.

These slip-on wedges are super sophisticated and the 7 extra centimetres are heavenly designed to reach supreme comfort while giving you that extra touch of elegance.

Gomo Gold are lightweight and its two straps are made of golden threads mixed with natural fibres to obtain the ideal crochet style.

With Gomo Gold, your LNY celebrations will be unforgettable!

Our Tapas Collection is so small that it will not even make it to our online store. Just a few pieces, like small bites that will pleasantly compose variations to be quickly grasped.

DM us quickly to have your Gomo Gold booked and delivered before they go!

You can also pop by:
- Wheelock Place B01-02 Beside Starbucks
- A Vintage Tale (From 20th January) 277 Joo Chiat Road

Gomo Gold: S$205

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