Tapas Collection| Jungle Flat Espadrilles in Silver or Gold
Tapas Collection!  💙

Our Tapas Collection is so small that it will not even make it to our online store!

Once a week you will get the opportunity of having just a few pieces of a new design, of a new colour, of something adventurous and exciting. A succession of discoveries similar to small bites that will pleasantly compose variations to be quickly grasped.

This time we are back to the origins with the Jungle flat espadrilles, both in Silver and Gold. A shimmered effect at the top and a sparkling glitter at the back to add a touch of sophistication to this new and attractive design and is also vegan friendly!

If you want to have a pair of the Jungle limited edition in Silver or Gold, please email us at hello@badtandco.com or stop by Morning June Store at Cluny Court.

We hope you get the chance of getting your size!
Jungle Flats Espadrilles, Silver or Gold: S$80

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