Tapas Collection | Obi Black wedges

Tapas Collection đź’™

Since Yves Saint Laurent brought them to the Paris runway in the early 70s, the espadrilles wedges have been a classic through the years, season after season. With playful laces tied high-up or at the ankle level, with a front bow or a back one, the Obi espadrilles wedges have room in every wardrobe.

For this new Tapas Collection, we have chosen the Obi Black in suede not only for its sumptuous look and its great comfort but because they are timeless and elegant.

As you know, the Tapas Collection is so small that it will not even make it to our online store. Just a few pieces, like small bites that will pleasantly compose variations to be quickly grasped.

DM us to have your pair of Obi Black in suede booked before they go!

Or come to visit us to:
- Morning June Store at Cluny Court
- A Vintage Tale in Joo Chiat neighborhood

We hope you get the chance of getting your size!
Obi Black suede Espadrilles: S$195

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.... aaand if you want Obi espadrilles in Red suede, we have them in our permanent collection at our website as well!

How to tied them up?


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