Tapas Collection | Teva Gold
Tapas Collection 💙

We want to introduce you a new concept, our Tapas Collection.
This is a collection so small that it will not even make it to our online store.

Just a few pieces of a new design, of a new colour, of something adventurous and exciting. A succession of discoveries similar to small bites that will pleasantly compose variations to be quickly grasped.

So here comes our Tapas Collection, where once a week we will be introducing the shortest series of new designs.

We start presenting you our Teva Gold wedges inspired on that lush nights where the air moves your hair, you close your eyes and it is like your soul is so light that you can fly...

This limited edition is just brought to you handmade by artisans that have put together natural jute and golden nappa leather in a very stylish and atemporal wedges, ideal for the upcoming family and friends gatherings. Be perfectly chic and unique on our golden Teva espadrilles.

We hope you get the chance of getting your size!
Email us at hello@badtandco.com or visit us at A Vintage Tale Store.
Teva Gold Wedges: S$160

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